tumblr said i “liked” your post, but in reality? i loved it. i love you

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ANNNDD here is the other  thing I was working on during my stream XD my uc faerie xwee… the bumble xwee! :P

Just got to finish the shoes XD 

edit:// finished the shoes :P

I live right next to the beach 8D when you guise are done come over for some lemonade sip sip T_T

Lemonade sounds tasty!

norwegianpostman replied to your post: I just want to go to the beach

let’s go!!

YES! Let’s all plan a day to go to the beach~!

I just want to go to the beach

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Last one? For shisenko! Or until the last three of his commissioners end up sending the money. -Shrugs-

Kougra day entry!

» You know…

You would think that a url like pcblacklist would help prevent users from being scammed by false traders/fosters, but instead it’s being used to bash users.

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Don’t give me cool characters, I end up butchering them

I am slightly offended someone decided to erase the text under my Snugz doodle.

I needed to draw Snugz and this doodle makes me happy

Actually, before I go, protip. Lots of people get stressed by their jobs. Lots of people, I'm sure, have it a LOT harder then anything your pampered ass has ever had to deal with. Using it as an excuse or cry for pity is pathetic.


Okay? I’m not a special snowflake and I never said I was loool. I’m not crying for pity - my self-esteem is over having to get pity to feel better about myself; thanks for your concern though.

Erm- Sorry to butt in! Yeah there’s people out there who may have it way  harder, but you shouldn’t dismiss someone’s stress/difficulties. People vary from one to another, and every one of us handle things differently. It doesn’t matter if you or someone else have similarities, you both will handle things differently. So please don’t compare people.

Also, Melusine, might I suggest doing something else with your time instead of attacking Awk? It just seems silly.

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