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is that Khoshekh? :3

As much as I love Khoshekh, little ghost kitty here isn’t Khoshekh! ^v^ Just a cute little ghost kitty!

I need to finish 3 more art trades. huff, getting there slowly.


Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego


Deep Blue by Simon Roy.


I’ve received a lot of letters from artists asking to check out their artwork and their blog, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them openly write unhealthy amounts of negative comments about their artwork, it was super depressing, honestly.  :(
Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow without the constant feeling of doubt and jealousy!  You are a unique individual who must go down your own unique path, and as scary as it sounds, you can’t rely on others to hold your hand all the way through.  You are the only one who can get yourself to where you need to go, and beating up your artwork is not the way!  Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!!

Love your art, love yourself!


They’re animals. Whatever

cute tho

Idk if I wanna finish this tbh

For aprilspringflowers



Animals? Okay, cool


I feel u 

i feel you in the core of my soul


We can make it if we do our best tho
So let’s keep doing our best, okay?

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Animals? Okay, cool

You’re almost there! Just keep going, and don’t give up!

Continuously switches between commissions and art trades.

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