Officially my favorite acara design. Ever.

im curious. Guess who

wait what-



Bed head~
Mornin ere’body. Praise God for a new day!!!~

what r u doin, hair???

the hair is being released just like the kraken

I like some draik designs but I always get lazy and end up making it either a bust or halfbody orz

Home is where the heart is.

Probably the first time someone’s requested the name of the pet placed.
I wasn’t gonna, but ended up doing it anyways.

I need like 50k so I can buy this dragon on FR buuuuut I needa wait ‘cause I already maxed out the game earnings huff
what do?

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Huff, since FR is down I think I should focus on my art instead hahaaa

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Haha, shep
For shisenko, who finished another batch of 3 of his commissions.

Another sheep for shisenko, for another 3 commissions he completed

tengoeaglepowers replied to your post: I am going to sleep~! G’night friends~!

But it’s early….is this the real Alex???

ROFL, ye, I was just really tired! And now I’m up early.

I am going to sleep~! G’night friends~!

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This is too cute! I’m so glad you’re enjoying him. I absolutely love your design (:

Thank you~!! <333

Sketch of Snugz, the newest member of the family! ^v^
QuQ It’s so sloppy, but ahhhh I’m excited~! Thank you Cass for letting me adopt him! If only the turmac toy and the background would both equip instead of replacing each other.  orz

Sheep for shisenko for finishing the next three of his commissions.
Huff now back to mine.